Meet Our Team

Mark Merritt

Chief Executive Officer

Meet Mark Merritt, the CEO of American Legacy Partners, reshaping the insurance landscape with a decade of industry expertise. A devoted father and husband, Mark seamlessly integrates family values into his leadership, addressing agent concerns with improved training and fair compensation. With a talent for finding and developing individuals, Mark fosters a culture of excellence driven by his heart for team collaboration. This sets a new standard for the insurance sector, where industry experience, leadership finesse, and ethical practices converge.

Kristen Zwolak

Chief Operations Officer

As the Chief Operations Officer at American Legacy Partners, Kristen Zwolak seamlessly transitioned from a healthcare background to become a shining star in the insurance industry over the past five years. Her career is marked by an unwavering commitment to precision, an unparalleled work ethic, and a sincere devotion to servant leadership. As COO, Kristen’s passion for innovation and adept navigation of complex challenges have rendered her an indispensable asset to our team, consistently driving excellence and ushering in a new era of innovation at American Legacy Partners.

Josh Nelson

Chief Business Officer

Josh Nelson, our accomplished Chief Business Officer, a seasoned military pilot, and a distinguished scholar in business. Josh’s unique blend of leadership and expertise is a cornerstone of our team, highlighted by a track record of navigating complex missions with precision and unwavering determination. His dedication to excellence, coupled with his extensive business knowledge, positions him as an invaluable asset. Josh’s dual roles as a distinguished military pilot and a highly educated business strategist propel our company toward unparalleled success.

Who We Are

Our Vision

At American Legacy Partners Inc., our vision is to be the dominant leader in the financial services industry by consistently delivering superior business solutions. We are committed to fostering a growth-minded culture that maintains irrefutable standards of excellence in all that we do.

At the heart of our vision, is a commitment to revolutionize the industry by demanding excellence and innovation. We aspire to be an organization that creates unwavering loyalty among our agents while continually setting new benchmarks for success.

Our Mission

At our core, our mission is to be a catalyst for our agents’ success through consultation and business development; facilitating connections with clients, with the ultimate goal of achieving excellence in client service and financial security.


We generate results for our customers

“I really enjoyed the time spent talking and explaining the process. Was very pleasant and helped a lot.”

Vicky Whitmire

“Dustin pulled into our driveway and helped me fix the battery in my car. He also helped me get day-one coverage at a great rate! Thank you so much, Dustin!”

Mary Epps

“Dustin did a great job and had my wife’s and I’s best interest at heart. He was able to combine all 3 of our policies AND get us out of the 2-year waiting period they had us in. We now have better coverage and no waiting period. We are very grateful for his help.”


Richard Jeremy

“I really appreciate the time and commitment of these people. Caleb and the help he gave us with insurance.”


Brent Schull

“Agent is the coolest person I’ve talked to. He understood the frustration I had after calling a bunch of companies trying to get life coverage. “


Elizabeth Varela

The time was very enjoyable. I loved it because it was they were animal lovers.


Jay C. McLendon